September 28, 2013 - North Hollywood, CA - The numbers are in! I am extremely happy to tell you all that Mitch's first solo album ABCDEFG is now generating more digital sales than our staff can even count! CD Baby is doing a fantastic job rounding up the Mitch-bits worldwide and thanks to the Spotify revenue alone there's a solid chance I will finally be able to buy myself a Tesla Model S (borrowing Mitch's Tesla all the time is really getting annoying!) I want to personally thank everyone who has supported this album, as words really cannot describe how much we continue to need your help. I read some of the digital sales information from the CD Baby site out loud to Mitch yesterday and we were both very impressed. To Mitch's growing fan-base: Thank You. -Damien Margo 

January 8, 2013 - North Hollywood, CA - Be Cool Records is proud to announce our new partnership with CD Baby! Within moments Mitch's fantastic album ABCDEFG will be available for purchase through conventional channels. The staff at Be Cool Records finally convinced Damien to start selling the music "like everyone else". Will the free downloads and donation model remain here on the BCR site? This is currently an intense topic of debate as Damien and Ari enjoy the wonders of the BCR popcorn machine and delightful southern California weather. With the help of CD Baby, Amazon, and the iTunes music store, Be Cool Records is hoping to add a second popcorn machine in Q4 2013.

September 8, 2011 - North Hollywood, CA - Be Cool Records is proud to announce what they refer to as "free beats". These beats are essentially blocks of rhythmical music that CEO Damien Margo says can, "... allow people to make music that doesn't suck." We caught up with BCR beatmaker "Laura X" during her lunch break and asked where she seeks inspiration. "I fry things in a pan until they turn black. That sound usually gets me into a musical kind of mode". Not all BCR beat makers operate in such a crude fashion. New hire "Ricky Rainbow" told us, "It's all about mash-ups for me. Mozart. That's what I do before work." Whatever the method the results are clear. These free beats are up for the taking and nobody is going to stop these people.

August 18, 2011 - Stockholm, Sweden - Be Cool Records is proud to announce Mitch Margo's new single "God Or No God". We caught up with CEO Damien Margo on his road trip to Propellerhead Software. "Few people realize how heavily Mitch uses Reason by Propellerhead. I'm here to prove that its not all about dub step and music that sounds like farts. People of all walks of life use Reason to make music ...", said Damien as we rode together on a nearly empty bus out of the Stockholm-Arlanda Airport. Damien continues to emphasize the importance of Swedish software on the American lifestyle and music business. "I'm not sure where music would be today without the kind folks over at Propellerhead", he continued, "The human race would most certainly be doing nothing but beating on pots and pans." When we asked him about Mitch's new single God Or No God he simply repeated, "Have you ever seen a sunset like that? Me neither."

July 3, 2011 - North Hollywood, CA - Be Cool Records is now on Facebook, with a new page managed by stealth marketing expert Ari Margo. Be Cool Records receptionist Mindy responded, "Ari, we can't thank you enough. The numbers are going through the roof and I have no doubt its you and that Mark Zuckerberg to blame! You guys are the best!" CEO Damien Margo showed his appreciation by purchasing a popcorn machine for Ari's business office and stated, "Management of Facebook pages is big time business and everyone at Be Cool Records knows that. We're in debt to Ari, big time."