What is Be Cool Records?
Be Cool Records started as independent record label formed in 2010 by Damien Margo. Music is sold through CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, and many others. We also offer CD's signed by the original artist, license music for commercial purposes, accept donations, sell physical products, and

Why are some Be Cool Records available to download for free?
We want this music to be listened to by as many people as possible while generating a high amount of web traffic right here to our own website. This is the essence of the Be Cool Records business model. Once visitors are here enjoying the music for free, they might consider our advertisers, donating to the original artist, buying our physical products, and/or enjoying the added content we offer on our website, such as Youtube videos and free beats.

Can I use Be Cool Records music for any purpose I want?
With a licensing agreement Be Cool Records can be made available for commercial use.

How can I contact Be Cool Records?
Please send an email to damien@becoolrecords.com

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